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Name: Deborah Wims

Age: 31

Date of Disappearance: October 25th, 1990

Location of Disappearance: Pacific Highway South

Date Found: Never Found

Location Found: Never Found


Deborah was born on December 6th, 1958. Deborah had a history of prostitution. She was the older sister of Cheryl Wims. Cheryl had been murdered on her 18th birthday in 1983. Gary Ridgway confessed to Cheryl’s murder.

Deborah was last seen on October 25th, 1990. Deborah had intended to visit a Supermarket on S 216th St. and Pacific Highway South. Her car was later found abandoned at this supermarket. Several of Gary Ridgway’s victims disappeared from this intersection, and it is just a few blocks away from where Gary Ridgway once lived. Deborah has never been found.

Deborah is included as a possible connection to Gary Ridgway due to the date and location of her disappearance as well as her connection to prostitution. It should be noted that Green River detectives have never commented publicly on the case. It is possible that investigators have eliminated any connection between Deborah and Gary Ridgway.


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