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Name: Gisele Lovvorn

Age: 17

Date of Disappearance: July 17th, 1982

Location of Disappearance: Pacific Highway South

Date Found: September 25th, 1982

Location Found: South of Sea-Tac Airport


Gisele Lovvorn was born on February 26th, 1965. She lived in California and was described as having a happy childhood. She was an avid reader, and loved to listen to The Grateful Dead. She was also highly intelligent with an IQ of 145.

As a teenager, Gisele began to experience trouble at school. She felt she didn’t fit in, and she had been assaulted at school. Refusing to go back to school, she ran away and begun to travel around the country and follow The Grateful Dead. It was during this time that she got involved in prostitution.

On July 17th, 1982, Gisele was last seen near Pacific Highway South. Two months later, her remains was found in the woods south of Sea-Tac Airport. Gary Ridgway confessed to her murder in 2003.


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