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Name: Marcia Chapman

Age: 31

Date of Disappearance: August 1st, 1982

Location of Disappearance: Pacific Highway South

Date Found: August 15th, 1982

Location Found: Green River


Marcia Chapman was born on July 9th, 1951. Marcia was a single mother with three children. Unable to support her children with a normal job, Marcia turned to prostitution. Marcia at one point told a friend that she refused the services of a pimp for protection, as she wanted more of the money to take care of her kids. A detective who knew her prior to her murder described her as a “nice person” with a “kind heart”.

On August 1st, 1982, Marcia was last seen leaving her apartment near Pacific Highway South. Two weeks later, her body was found in the Green River. Gary Ridgway confessed to her murder in 2003.


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